Victoria Topping
Marcela Bolívar
Dylan Andrews #1
by Rebecca Green 
Illustration 2023
Sorry I have been silent. I am now back to school so I don’t have much  Here, have some magic forests. (Inktobers
Something I’d love to animate one day. Made for parody purposes. Spiderman owned by Marvel.
Virginia Sterrett aka Virginia Frances Sterrett (American, 1900-1931, b. Chicago, IL, USA) - Europa And The Bull from
Hee Jin Jeong aka HeeJin Jung 정진희 (Korean, b. 1991, Korea) - The Sense Of Life, 2013   Drawings: Pencils, Pen on Paper
Kodama  (木霊) 

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Illustration 2023
Illustration 2023
WIP: Placebo's lead singer Brian Molko. Used this picture as reference (from music video
Jo In Hyuk
Ashley Mackenzie @ashmackenzie